Winter Preparation Bundle

Winter Preparation Bundle


We will check:Cooling systemBatteryStarter motor and charging systemAncillary drive beltsLightsWiper bladesWindscreen wash and antifreeze levelsTyresA...
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We will check:

Cooling system


Starter motor and charging system

Ancillary drive belts


Wiper blades

Windscreen wash and antifreeze levels


Air con

Oil level


The Winter Preparation Bundle is designed to keep you safe and on the move during colder months. This 10-point safety assessment includes an antifreeze change (worth £37) and a revolutionary Duxback windscreen treatment (worth £24.95) as well as a check of the following components:

  1. Cooling System
  2. Battery
  3. Starter motor and charging system
  4. Ancillary drive belts
  5. Lights
  6. Wiper blades
  7. Screen wash and antifreeze levels
  8. Tyres
  9. Air con
  10. Oil level

No, the Winter Preparation Bundle is a 10-point safety check which includes an antifreeze change and a Duxback windscreen treatment, to ensure your car is ready for winter.

Regular Car Servicing is a more in-depth assessment of your vehicle's suitability for the road, and includes a minimum of 40 individual checks, as well as an oil and filter change. For a full list of what's included, see our Car Service Checklist. Car Servicing starts from £85 - book a Car Service today.

Yes, we will change your antifreeze and top up your screen wash.

The Winter Preparation Bundle also includes an engine oil check. If a top up is recommended, an additional charge may apply - your local autocentre will be able to confirm this for you.

Duxback is a professional-quality car glass treatment that helps water to 'bead' on glass, dramatically improving visibility in the rain. In fact, if you're driving over 40mph, you won't even need wipers - the water runs straight off. Duxback also prevents snow and frost from sticking to your windscreen, making it much easier to clean in colder weather. Find out more about Duxback.

No, the Winter Preparation Bundle includes a safety check of the vehicle only, ensuring it is safe and prepared for winter weather. If, as part of the checks, further work is recommended, we will always advise you before any work is carried out.

Rolling Resistance(A-G)

E Grade – Below average fuel efficiency, however there may in some cases be a good reason why the rolling resistance is higher, for example where tyres are specifically designed for more grip, such as sports car tyres or winter tyres.

Wet Grip(A-G)

B Grade – Nearly the best quality tyres to stop in the wet, stopping only 3m more than a grade A tyre but on average 15m shorter than a car on grade G tyres (on a wet road when braking from 50mph – testing according to regulation EC1222/2009)

Sound Wave(1-3)

3 Bars – At least 3dB's above future EU noise limit (although meets current limit)

Noise(67-79 Db)

73 dB – Exterior noise level measured in decibels (dB). The lower the exterior noise level the better the environment near busy roads

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