ContiVanContact 200

Keep you and your passengers safe with the ContiVanContact 200. This long-life tyre is specially formulated to ensure optimum handling, even on wet surfaces and with heavier loads.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable journey with the ContiVanContact 200. This premium long-live van tyre features aqua grooves in the shoulder and sipes to improve water dispersion and braking on wet roads. A full silica compound with specially adapted polymers reduces energy loss and rolling resistance, while the rigid tread pattern improves contact with the road to deliver exceptional grip, even with heavier loads.

ContiVanContact 200 extra information

Premium long-life van tyre

Considerably reduced rolling resistance

Safer journey thanks to shorter braking distances on wet roads

Safe handling with heavy loads

Why choose Continental?

Developed in Germany, tested by experts and approved by vehicle manufacturers, Continental is a safe choice for your car, van, SUV or 4x4. Continental's award-winning tyres come fitted to one in three new cars built in Europe, and go through years of development and thousands of miles of testing before release. Tested in Continental's world-leading braking test facility, each German-engineered tyre is guaranteed to perform in the toughest conditions.

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ContiVanContact 200